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Happy New Year! To start this year off I made myself a tea box with a pyrography scene on it. Yes it’s what you think. I was wood burning. Pyrography is the art of wood burning.

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I’m sure there are many of you that tried this craft out in “shop” class but for me it has continued to be one of my favorite hobbies. I love how I can create and use my own artistic flare to make something. This is a hobby that requires complete concentration. Lets face it I have a pretty significant machine and it can burn you faster than you can feel it, don’t ask how I know. It can also burn right through a fan electrical cord faster than you can react, again don’t ask, but this is part of why I love it. It’s intense and calming at the same time.

The whole process starts with design. I usually get inspired by an idea, picture or feeling. I then start honing in on the not only the design but what type of piece I want it to be. It could be anything from a plaque to something practical like the tea box. There are several steps before the actual burning, like refining the picture, prepping the wood surface and transferring at least part of the design onto the wood. After the burning I will often colorize all or part of the design, then I seal it all. The above tea box took me about 5 hours to complete. I have had some pet portraits take 12 hours. I even sell some of my items on etsy, sentimentalLisa.

Yes you can read about wood burning. The Mid York Library System has several good books on the subject. They not only tell you about pyrography but they give you practice exercises and patterns so you can start your own wood burn project.

I would love to hear about any unusual hobbies you have and even hobbies that you make for sale.

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