Holiday Shopping, Holiday Reading and Vacation!

This week I would like to highlight some of the great opportunities online through the Mid York Library System . First off, did you know that you can give to the library just by shopping? That’s right, just go to the home page first and find the Buy it Now.

Go to Amazon Buy It Now

After clicking on it you will be redirected to Shop as usual and Amazon will give back a portion of what you spend to the library, with no added cost to you. Give it a try, I know you still have one more gift to buy.

The presents are wrapped, the turkey is roasting and the snow is flying. How about a movie to relax? Take a look at Hoopla.


Wait, there are also books and music to borrow too. All you need is your library card.

Want to read the latest magazine issue instead? Then you need to take a look at zinio. Current issues of Us, Rolling Stone, Adirondack Life, Allrecipes and many more. Free, free, free!

So you open your presents and find your best friend has given you a trip to Spain, awesome gift right, but you don’t know Spanish. I can help you with that too. Go to the home page again and look for transparent language online.

Transparent Languages

This online service, free with your library card, teaches you everything you need to speak a new language. Take a look at this video on how it works and be inspired!

Want to download a book to that new ereader? Don’t forget you can do that through Overdrive. Audio books too.


One more trip back to the page. See all those buttons down the right hand side? Click on any button and start exploring. You never know what you’ll find!

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