It’s National Library Week!

Some would say my hobbies include going to the library, reading books from the library, imploring others to “get their library card”, reading about libraries. Basically anything to do with libraries. So you can see why this week I would be writing about celebrating National Library Week!!

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Just how does one celebrate National Library Week? Well of course you go to the library. Download books and magazines from the library! Bring your library staff cookies! Make a book shaped cake! You get the picture.


The 2017 National Library Week theme is “Libraries Transform”. What an interesting idea to contemplate. Spring is the natural time for us all to transform. Change your career, the library can help. Get healthy, the library can help. Learn a new hobby, it can help there too. Get to that New Years resolution to de-stress, try reading out in the sun!

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Thank your local librarian for all those times they dropped what they were working on and helped you find the perfect book. I have to say thank you to all the staff at the New Woodstock Free Library for the wonderful kids programs, book clubs, art exhibits, tech help, music, movies, and last but not least books they have provided me and my family for so many years. Thank you!

Celebrate our free and unbridled access to ideas  by celebrating National Library Week.

Happy reading,


P.S. Don’t forget to get out a new book from the library!

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