Gordon Francis Muck (1926-1994)

At this time it appears there is no formal genealogy of Gordon’s family, no birth, marriage death dates, etc.  –  Nancy Edwards

“My work for the most part reflects an involvement with the landscape and growing things here in Central New York. This is the area I know best, love deeply and feel most at home in.”

Gordon Francis Muck – born October 9, 1926 – Syracuse N.Y.

Parent: Francis Muck and Mary Steinger Muck
Maternal Grandparents: George Frederick Seinger and Rose Volz Seinger

Note: This information came from Catherine (Katie) Volz, Richard Volz

   Gordon  1927

 Attended Syracuse public schools, Webster Elementary, Grant Junior High, North High

Scholastic Art Scholarship to Syracuse University where he earned BFA & MFA

1948-1955 – Taught at DeRuyter Central School

1956-1960 – Taught at Nottingham High School

1961-1965 – Art Supervisor – Syracuse Schools

1965-1981 – Art Department Chairman – Fayetteville –Manlius Schools

Art Critic – Syracuse Post Standard

June 25, 1950 – Married Gina Rose Calzolari – Annulment – September 24, 1951

June 22, 1957 – Married – Bertha Ann Shapley

1965 – Opened Antique Shop – 30 years

Cazenovia Republican, November 23, 1966


Their 150-year-old Greek revival home by the side of the road on Route 13 (Main Street in New Woodstock) has become a mecca for art lovers.

Their Pillar Gallery was started in 1959 in the 13 room house which Mr. and Mrs. Muck have been renovating and changing ever since they bought it.


There is a teacher at this school who has inspired many students to excel in the art field. Excitement and enthusiasm have made many of his art classes interesting and always worthwhile. Because of his unusual approach to teaching he has given the Fayetteville-Manlius schools the honor of being the recipient of hundreds of scholastic art awards.

…He is not only a teacher but a friend of his students.

Gordon died January 30, 1994 in Hamilton N.Y. and was buried in the New Woodstock Cemetery.

Services were conducted at the New Woodstock Cemetery on Thursday, May 12, 1994.


I first met Gordon Muck at a very critical point in my life. I had just finished a horrific student teaching experience in inner city, Syracuse. At that point in my quest to be an artist/ educator, I was ready to give up.
…When I first walked into Gordon’s art room and saw this skinny, over-dressed chatterer, I thought that I had just entered scene three of a bad play. My immediate impression was that there was no way he could motivate or discipline a classroom. I was dead wrong. …Gordon was boss but he was also friend, teacher and critic.

I studied under Gordon Muck during the summer of ’71. He was a superb critic, he could spot weaknesses in paintings as almost a sixth sense.

There is a scrapbook created by, Nancy Edwards,
one of Muck’s former students available to view here

Gordon Muck and others have donated some of his art work over the years to the New Woodstock Free Library. The Library has made prints of 2 floral watercolors he did in college, Syracuse University in the mid 1940s. Click here to see more information about the prints or to purchase them

To view New Woodstock Free Libraries permanent collection, stop in at the library,
click here or call 315-662-3134

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