Movie Night

What’s going on this week? Well it has been a long one! What is the perfect way to celebrate the end of the week? Movie night! Better yet a movie marathon weekend.

Check some of these family movies out.

 Moana. This is a fun new movie that my family just watched. It’s a Disney movie so be prepared for tons of beautiful songs, a good amount of comic relief and beautiful animation. Even the teenagers enjoyed it. Try out these other Disney dvds. There are 293 one to choose from, just at New Woodstock Free Library. You go from the very first, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, to some of the old Wonderful World of Disney films, The Apple Dumpling Gang, to newer ones like Into the Woods. You could always try out my favorite The Little Mermaid.

Want something more adult? There are 112 recently released. Titles like Manchester By the Sea, Arrival and Sisters. How about an epic Lord of Rings thru The Hobbit six movie event? Want to laugh? Eight seasons of The Big Bang Theory are coming your way. So no matter what you are looking for there are 4294 dvds to satisfy this weekend.

Happy watching,


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