October, time for SciFi

Image result for power rangers 2017Image result for ghost in the shell 2017 I don’t know why but October always draws me to scifi! Must have something to do with a certain holiday at the end of the month  😀 . Recently I went online to see what new scifi movies were released on DVD and then started searching the Mid York Library System. To my great pleasure I found most of what I wanted to see, some of them were only released the same week I looked them up. What did I put on hold? Logan, PassengersMaze Runner: The Scorch TrialsGuardians of the Galaxy 2Power Rangers,and Ghost in the Shell.

The biggest surprise? Power Rangers for sure. It’s much more than the cheesy tv program. Special affects are completely different and the acting is definitely what you would expect from a major motion picture.

The darkest one? Ghost in the Shell. Set far in the future where science is perfecting putting a human mind into a robot. There were some “raise the hair” on the back of your neck moments, but it do move a little slow at times.

The most predictable? Guardians of the Galaxy 2. If you loved the first one you’ll love the second. Funny and very cool.

What’s my favorite scifi movie of all time? The Fifth Element. Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich star in this funny and exciting movie. It’s that one movie that I can’t stop watching if I happen across it when flipping channels.

What’s your favorite scifi movie?

Happy watching!


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