Week 1

Welcome to the premiere weekly blog! Each week we will be highlighting hobbies and crafts or what we are reading, watching and listening to as library patrons. This will also be a place for you the reader to highlight what you’re up to or make suggestions on how to improve your library experience.

Guest reviews, interviews and guest bloggers are welcome and encouraged.  Let’s get to it.

What people are reading:

My Lady Jane.

This is a fun YA book. Part history part fantasy with a nice amount of humor. What starts out as the historical account of Lady Jane Grey quickly transforms, pun intended, into magical animal conversions and intrigue in the highest. There is a little something for everyone; history, magic, humor, romance and even a very timely dose of social equality.

The Backyard Goat by Sue Weaver

So what can I say, this is a book about goats. Everything you ever wanted to know about goats. I know what you’re thinking, if you have a goat question just google it but can google give you 11 chapters and 206 pages of information? Not to mention this is published by storey publishing, the publisher of the most trusted guides in the animal husbandry realm. This book contains clear pictures and very nice illustrations of breeds of goats. Would I kid you?

What are you reading? 😆

1 thought on “Week 1”

  1. The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton is a darker Secret Garden. It is about Nell, a lost little girl that is found and taken in by a dockmaster and his wife in 1913. When Nell dies, Cassandra takes up the search to find her grandmother’s family, discovering how to heal herself along the way. A fantastic read that will play to every emotion and keep you guessing until the end.

    Castle Hangnail by Vernon, Ursula is a fun read for the Hotel Transylvania / Despicable Me crowd. – When Molly, 12 years old and quite polite, shows up on Castle Hangnail’s doorstep to fill the vacancy for a wicked witch, the castle’s minions are understandably dubious. But the castle desperately needs a master or else the Board of Magic will decommission it, leaving all the minions without the home they love. Although Molly calls herself a wicked witch, her behavior is more charming than frightful.

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