Week 4: Hobbies

Welcome to my post on drawing as a hobby.

Some people find drawing or doodling a relaxing pastime, but there are many other reasons people take up this hobby. One such person expressed how drawing gave them a way to use their creativity and imagination. They feel compelled to put on paper what they dream up in their mind, purely for their own enjoyment. Even though you may never show a single drawing to anyone else, learn to draw books can be just the thing to help advance your skills, or even take you from a person “that can’t draw a straight line” to an artist. Trust me, us “real artists” can’t draw a straight line either, we cheat and use rulers.

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Drawing is also a way to sharpen your observation skills. For example, when trying to draw a tree, you need to take notice of the tree’s structure and form. You must observe all the colors and shades. Your mind and eye learn perspective. The dexterity in your hands must increase in order to reproduce that tree on the page. All of these work together to sharpen your focus.

For many people drawing helps their minds puzzle through problems. A great way to use drawing for this is to zentangle. I know it has a strange name, but it is really just weaving patterns in a random and relaxed way. This is a great activity for students to de-stress during testing times, or for adults to quiet their minds. Even people with no drawing ability can pick up a zentangle book and quickly start creating.

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You are never too old or to young to begin drawing. The supplies can be as simple as a blank sheet of paper and a regular pencil, to beautiful handcrafted journals and professional quality pen and pencil sets. If drawing feels too intimidating, try picking up the latest adult coloring trend. Many libraries have free drop in programs where you can give it a try. No skill required, for coloring or doodling!

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