What my family has out from the library

I’m sure you noticed I took some time off from writing this blog, to be fair I took some off from doing a lot of things. I needed a well deserved break but I’m back now. I spent much of the last two weeks reading, a luxury and necessity. With all the books kicking around the house I thought you might like to see what my family has out from the library. Now I have to say this does not include every book my daughter has out because I just don’t have that kind of space in this post!

The first stack:

 We have Turbo Twenty-Three, Finland, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck, Frank Einstein, The Chemist, The Joy of Simple Living Countries of the World Finland, Cut the Clutter and Stow the Stuff, and Easy Closets. I am currently reading Turbo Twenty-Three by Janet Evanovich as well the closet clutter books. Yes it’s time to “spring clean” those closets. Turbo Twenty-Three is just for fun and yes the 23rd book in the series! My son just completed a project on Finland and had some fun reading in there too.

Stack two:

 This one has Rachel’s Irish Family Food, Bone, Spider-Man, Paleo, Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham, Twenties Girl, The Undomestic Goddess, JRR Tolkien the Man Who Created the Lord of the Rings, and The Highly Sensitive Person. Rachel’s Irish Family Food is for our cooking class for, of course, St Patrick’s Day. I just finished Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham, a great little mystery. I also just finished The Undomestic Goddess, a funny cute light read. I am currently reading The Highly Sensitive Person and I highly recommend it! My son was exploring two genres: graphic novels and biographies.

So what’s on your shelf this week?

Happy Reading,



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  1. I’ve been reading a variety this month
    1. Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap by Wendy Welch – How two people, two cats, two dogs, and thirty-eight thousand books helped a small town find its heart. It is a story about people and books, and how together they create community.
    2. Menagerie by Tui Sutherland – When twelve-year-old Logan Wilde wakes up to discover a baby griffin hiding under his bed, he suddenly finds himself thrown into a mystery involving his classmate Zoe Kahn and a magical menagerie right in the middle of his sleepy Wyoming town
    3. Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee – A mesmerizing novel that follows one woman’s rise from circus rider to courtesan to world-renowned diva
    4. 100 Cats Who Changed Civilization by Sam Stall – These beautifully illustrated true stories are a tribute to the intelligence, bravery, and loving nature of cats all over the world.

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