Circulation Policies

Two Week Loan
Books, Books on CD, Music CDs

One Week Loan

Don’t forget the library also has jigsaw puzzles and magazines that can be taken home.

All items may be renewed upon request.
Please call 315-662-3134 or stop in during library hours.

The New Woodstock Free Library does not charge late fines. Patrons are encouraged to return library materials on time so that other people may have the opportunity to borrow them. In the event that an item is lost, the library does charge replacement fees.

Internet and Electronic Resources Acceptable Use Policy

The Internet and the Library’s Mission
The Internet is a global electronic network which enables libraries to provide access to a variety of electronic information resources. The New Woodstock Free Library may provide this access as a supplement to other electronic and non-electronic resources as part of its mission to provide information resources to meet the needs of the community, dependent upon available resources, expertise and ability to maintain such access. The library’s endorsement of the ALA Library Bill of RightsFreedom to Read, and Free Access to Libraries for Minors applies to access and use of electronic information. All established library policy applies to electronic information as well as non-electronic format information.

Statement of Parent/Guardian Responsibility
Parents or legal guardians are responsible for deciding what library materials and resources are appropriate for their minor children. Supervision or restriction of a child’s access to the Internet, as well as other library resources, remains the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. The library does not, and cannot, act in loco parentis. The library will not assume responsibility for monitoring or supervising a child’s use of electronic information resources.

Appropriate Use and Disclaimer
All users of electronic resources are expected to use those resources in a responsible and ethical manner, consistent with the rules and policies of the library, and for minors, consistent with parent or legal guardian guidance and oversight.

The availability of networked information via library terminals does not constitute the library’s or Mid-York’s endorsement of the content of that information. The library cannot control the accuracy, truthfulness, reliability, validity, or usefulness of information found on the Internet, nor the accuracy of links or availability of sites; nor can the library control content on the Internet which some may find offensive. The library and Mid-York Library System do not warrant information found on the Internet to be accurate, authoritative, factual, timely, or useful for patrons’ purposes. As with other information sources, patrons themselves must evaluate the validity and quality of information found at the library and elsewhere. If any patron believes information obtained via library terminals is inaccurate or offensive, the patron should contact the original producer or distributor of the information, not the library staff.

Patrons are not permitted to use terminals for any illegal or criminal purpose, including, but not limited to, accessing legally obscene materials, sexual harassment or stalking, violation of computer system security, unauthorized use of computer accounts or access codes, obstruction or disruption of other people’s work, violation of copyright or software licensing restrictions; users may not install or download software, violate another user’s privacy, or in any manner misuse the system in violation of other applicable library policy.

The library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from the access to or use of information or other content obtained through electronic information systems, including the Internet, and encompassing any activities by a user found to be illegal, or any consequences thereof. Patrons violating this policy shall lose their privilege to access electronic resources, be responsible for all costs arising from damage to equipment, software or information resources, and may be subject to civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Privacy Limitations
Due to the public location of the terminals, and given the nature of the software in use, patrons’ privacy when using electronic information resources is not assured. Patrons are advised to presume that the use of electronic resources in a public place will not be private or protected from monitoring, misuse, or review. Patrons are advised to avoid giving out personally identifying information.

Restrictions and Limits
Whenever other patrons are waiting to use electronic resources, patrons will limit their use to thirty minutes per session, and one session until all individuals waiting have been served. The library will establishe reasonable use procedures from time to time, as demand and available resources require for equitable and orderly use. Printouts will be charged at the same rate as photocopies.

It is the responsibility of the patrons to familiarize themselves with all rules and procedures for use of electronic resources, hardware and software, before accessing the systems. Patrons must heed all posted instructions, warnings, and procedures.


Due to the variety of computer systems and equipment, library staff cannot help visitors configure their own equipment. Please consult the user guide for your laptop or wireless card for hardware/software setup.

Mission Statement

The mission of the New Woodstock Library is to provide free unrestricted access to publicly available library and information resources, so that opportunities for personal growth and enrichment are available to all. As a fully participating member of the three-county Mid-York Library System, New Woodstock shares resources with more than 40 public libraries in Madison,Oneida, and Herkimer counties. Through inter-library loan, shared technical expertise, and inter-library cooperation, New Woodstock makes available to residents virtually all the materials owned by system member libraries.

New Woodstock has been designated an Advanced Electronic Doorway Library by the State Education Department. Copying, faxing, computing, and other essential community information services are available on-site. Modern information technologies blend with personal attention to bring the advantages of the information age to this traditional rural family-oriented public library. The World-Wide-Web, online information access, and numerous topical databases are available for research, education, and entertainment.

Programs for children and adults are scheduled throughout the year. A series of art and cultural themed exhibits run continuously during the year. The library has books, large print books, magazines, books on audiocassette and CD, music audiocassette and CD, videos and DVDs for all ages and reading abilities. Also, bestsellers, classics, art books, encyclopedias and reference materials are available. Children are encouraged to use the library for homework, research, and reading.

The library also retains a certified professional librarian and part-time staff. A seven-member Board of Trustees develops long range plans and policies and oversees library operations.


In support of the mission of the New Woodstock Free Library “to provide free unrestricted access to publicly available library and information resources, so that opportunities for personal growth and enrichment are available to all,” the library will cooperate with school, literacy and social agencies to provide support and assistance in service delivery to Southern Madison County Residents. Home schooling families are encouraged to promote reading by regarding the library as the source of supplemental reading materials, in support of curricular plans.

The library promotes life-long learning through the maintenance of a collection of historical, reference and resource materials, as well as a dedicated family research room (in process). The library is committed to providing all citizens with the resources necessary to continue intellectual and cultural growth through a series of art and information exhibits on a broad variety of subjects.

Newer technologies such as e-Books, audio books and other online resources will be available through participation in the Mid-York Library System consortium of public libraries in Madison, Oneida and Herkimer counties. Computers, software and Internet access will be provided free of charge. The library will encourage the development of new electronic services, broadband in-library connections and up to date hardware. Wi-fi connectivity will be available to all library visitors.

Our children are our future. The library is committed to providing educational, developmental programs and materials for children and their families. Reading and learning will be encouraged: comfortable, appropriate space and facilities will be available for homework and personal interest research. A year-round weekly program for young children will introduce the library as a safe, interesting and fun place to be. A summer program of performances and special presenters (such as fire and police interactive visits) will bring entertainment and interest to children of all ages. The library is known as “the Growing place” because of the emphasis on providing practices that encourage personal enrichment and expansion of library services and facilities.

Exhibits Committee Mission

The New Woodstock Free Library Events and Exhibitions Committee serves a vital role in bringing the benefits of cultural, educational and informational programming to our rural community, so that “opportunities for the personal growth and enrichment are available to all.”

By offering a rich and varied selection of arts, education and entertainment formats, the public library fulfills one of its most fundamental purposes – to provide all people, regardless of income, age, race, gender, ability or location, the opportunity to enjoy a quality of life equal to that of any other New York State resident.

The public library is the “cultural leveler,” in the same way it is the access to information leveler in our pluralistic democracy. By bringing culture to the county, the library ensures that in New Woodstock, you can enjoy arts and entertainment without having to forsake the charms of life in the country for life in the city.

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