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Dungeons & Dragons

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Adults and teens are invited to participate in a game of Dungeons & Dragons, the popular tabletop role-playing game held at the New Woodstock Free Library on Monday evenings at 6.00pm.

In Dungeons & Dragons, players create their own characters and go on adventures in a fantasy setting, where they work together to overcome obstacles and defeat monsters. Dungeons & Dragons is easy to learn and play both in-person and online, and there’s no need to download software or purchase books or dice to get started.

A limited number of spots are available for these sessions, and participants should pre-register their interest by contacting the library directly. Before starting, to participate in the Library’s Dungeons & Dragons games, players must create a free user account at DnDBeyond;

Everyone is welcome regardless of previous experience with the game. If you have questions about Dungeons & Dragons or the program, please email the Library Manager at

A short introduction to Dungeons and Dragons

Essentially, Dungeons and dragons is a role play game where you create a character, join a party and then go on a quest. To create your character the first thing that you will need is a character sheet. These can be found online.

Using the sheet you will fill in the information about your race, class and alignment, all of which are characteristics that you can pick for yourself. Your race can be anything from a human to a Dragonborn and each race comes with its own traits. Your class is what you do; you can be a bard, barbarian, monk or Druid. Then comes your alignment, which is the fun part, depending on your preferences. There are 9 alignments in total which range from lawful good to chaotic evil and this alignment determines your morals as a character.

Having set out the basic characteristics for your character, you now roll a 20 sided dice to obtain your skills. Once you have fully completed your character sheet you can begin playing and set off on your quests, in character.

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