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January Book Choice

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The Puzzling World of Winston Breen by Eric Berlin

Clara’s Choice for the Month of January is Book 1 in the series of the same name; it is ideal for readers aged 8 through 12.  The three novels in the series should then be read in order:

The Potato Chip Puzzles (Book 2)

The Puzzler’s Mansion (Book 3)

The New Woodstock Free Library has all three novels.

The story

Puzzles, puzzles everywhere!

Winston Breen loves puzzles, and he finds them everywhere!  So when he comes across strange puzzle pieces in an antique box, he can’t resist the challenge of finding out where they came from and what the words on the pieces mean.  Before long, he’s off in search of long-hidden treasure—accompanied by a rather unique group of interested people.

At first, it seems as though they’re working together, but it soon becomes clear that someone in the group doesn’t intend to share the treasure, should it be found.

About the author

Eric Berlin is the author of the Winston Breen trilogy of mysteries for children: The Puzzling World of Winston Breen, The Potato Chip Puzzles, and The Puzzler’s Mansion, which together have been nominated for more than a dozen state reading awards. He has talked about the joy of puzzles and creative thinking to thousands of kids across the country. Eric has had dozens of crosswords and other puzzles published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Los Angeles Times, among many other places. He createsd live puzzle events for the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, the Connecticut Library Association, the Trivia Championships of North America, New York City’s Museum of Mathematics and the Scripps National Spelling Bee.  Eric is the constructor behind Puzzlesnacks (

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