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Art Exhibit: Lisa Chelenza - 'Art Off the Walls'

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March 4th to April 26th 2024

After more than 20 years as a DJ and media performer, Lisa Chelenza has embarked on another endeavor, bringing her art off the walls and out into the world as a series of wearable fashion items and objects for use and display around the home.

As a long-time mixed-media artist, Lisa hung her work on her own walls or often gave her paintings away or painted over them. “During our long dreary winters, all I can do is paint color. Many times, I have been tempted to stop working on a painting, but then as I step back to take one last look, I just must add more; one more flower petal, one more highlight, one more color, one more vine.”

Now Lisa has the images printed on chiffon and made into scarves, pillowcases or handbags, giving them new life as wearable art. “Painting wild flowers, impressionist landscapes and architecture helps me get through our gray monochromatic winters.”

On display until 26th April, this exciting new exhibit will include wearable art, home-goods and large paintings.

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